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Drug abuse as a type of threat to society's safety is the title of the webinar of IPO Section Serbia held on 04.02.2023 for IPO members.

The lecture was held as a continuation of our activities resulting from membership in the Vienna Committee on Drugs under UN ECOSOC and the World Federation Against Drugs. Today's lecturers were University Professor Šaćirović Dženis and Mašović Sanjin, professor, inspector and president of the Police Union of Serbia for Novi Pazar.

These two eminent experts are also the heads of the Criminalistics section of the IPO.

We chose the topic together with the members in December 2022 and it is unfortunately always current for all people who want to educate themselves and act preventively in their communities with the aim of suppressing and preventing this pathological phenomenon.

Drug addiction as a disease of addiction can be viewed from a sociological, psychological, medical-biological, even religious and, of course, legal aspects. Our today's lecturers spoke about these topics as well as drug cartels, and at the end the participants asked a large number of questions.

We discussed the procedure of the Canadian region of British Columbia, which introduces the decriminalization of all types of drugs up to 2.5 grams for 3 years, in order to assess whether this is a way to prevent deaths, we talked about hashish, which has reappeared in large quantities in the territory of Serbia and its harmful effects and much more went through the lecture and discussion.

Soon we will be expecting new lectures both in the field of drugs and many other fields. As always, future lectures will be conducted exclusively by persons with experience and an adequate curriculum vitae, so that the quality of the lectures will be at the level of our organization.

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