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December 11. was held webinar "Crime scene" which was a second part of the editions of the professional course "Forensics science and Crime analysis".

This course is part of the education that International Police Organization is organizing for their members, directed and lectured by Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, police officer, crime analyst, and coordination director of the IPO HQ.

The topic "Crime scene" is a very large topic, but this webinar Mrs. Nikolic dedicated to the most important acts by the first police officers who arrive at the crime scene, what are their duties, and how to protect the crime scene.

Considering that there are few types of the crime scene, such as murder crime scene, rape crime scene, and suicide crime scene, different protection is needed, but the biggest importance in every type of crime scene have the first responders who will contribute for further investigation.

The main rule is that "everything and anything can be evidence" and that is why the most important thing is to preserve the entire crime scene. Further work will be taken over by the investigation team, forensic team and later crime analyst.

All this work was explained in our webinar followed by the slides, using material from the real crime scenes, considering that webinar was prepared by the proffesional police officer.

This webinar was not useful only for our civilian members, but for police officers and law enforcement from other countries, with a purpose to exchange experience with each other.

According that this webinar was International, on English language, it was followed by the members from all over the world, our IPO African command and IPO Section Pakistan which was followed by the police officers.

This prove us again that we are developing on the right way and that our education are very well accepted.

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