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Yesterday August 26th a joint lecture was held at the IPO Montenegro premises on the topic: "Partnership for Enhancing Security, Empowerment, and Prevention in the Fight Against Violence Against Women," organized by IPO Montenegro and IPO Serbia.

The online lecture, which was also streamed via the Zoom video platform, featured speakers such as IPO Founder & Honorary President dr Ilija Zivotic, mr Ivan Pekić, President of IPO Montenegro, and Momcilo Moka Scekic, General Secretary of IPO Montenegro. Attendees from various social spheres were present at the event, united by the common goal of raising awareness about this pressing social issue.

The presenters emphasized the importance of continuous education and promoting gender equality, showcasing alarming global statistics on violence against women. They highlighted that this is a worldwide problem requiring urgent and coordinated actions.

During the lecture, the causes of violence against women were explored, including patriarchal norms, economic factors, and lack of education. The focus was on the role of society, media, and educational institutions in promoting healthy relationships and preventing violence. Empowering women to stand up against and report violence was a key solution highlighted. Through sharing experiences and support, women can be empowered to combat all forms of violence, whether verbal, physical, or emotional.

Participants actively engaged in discussing concrete steps the community can take to reduce violence against women. Awareness campaigns, educational programs, and improved legal protection for victims were suggested.

At the lecture's conclusion, the importance of collaboration among government, NGOs, and the public was emphasized in creating an environment where violence against women becomes unacceptable and less prevalent. This lecture represents just one step towards creating a society without violence, with changes achieved through the continuous efforts of all members of society.

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