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Meeting with Director of Republika Srpska Police

A delegation of our organization was received by the Director of Police of the Republika Srpska Mr. Darko Culum. The official meeting, which lasted more than an hour when Ilija Životić and Siniša Pepić who will be our representative for the Republika Srpska expose our activities in other countries like courses, lectures, etc. Dr. Siniša Pepić presented a plan of work in the Republika Srpska approved by our headquarters and the possibility of cooperation with the Police of the Republika Srpska

. We touched at the serious topic of security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and came to the conclusion that our organization can have a lot to do in the area of ​​prevention of radicalization and misuse of religion for the purposes of extremism and terrorism. After the meeting the President of the IPO Ilija Zivotic handed to Mr. Darko Culum gold medal for the support of our organization.

After the meeting president Ilija Zivotic gave a 30 minutes interview to Bosnian Television ATV from Banja Luka. He talked about security at Eastern Europe, radicalization and terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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