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After 1st IPO Congress, we are continuing our work even faster in every field.

Our coordination director and Vice President of IPO Serbia, Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, visited the mini touristic village, Apartments "Rodjak sa sela" - "A cousin from the village" and made great cooperation with them.

All our members from any country will have 20 % discount on accommodation and 15% discount at the restaurant. This mini touristic village is a good choice for vacation.

Here you have all in one place, pools, space for children, restaurant and peace.

The place is located in Serbia, Mionica.

All our members who wish to make a reservation can contact or write on WhatsApp & Viber at the phone number +381642358058 or visit the Facebook page where can find all information

The owner of this mini touristic village Mr. Predrag Milisavljevic is a retired military high-level officer, professional, with much experience, who is willing to share his knowledge with others and of course, he becomes our member.

He graduated from the Military Academy, as well as the Faculty of Security, Department of Criminology, and was part of the special elite unit force of the Army of Serbia. He has been awarded many times in his career, both by small awards and by the Orden of the Serbian Army. It is clear that the IPO has got another high expert and professional.

The Vice President of IPO Serbia welcomed him to the large IPO family and gave him the IPO membership certificate as well as the Certificate of Supporter with number S-0050 which ranks among the other 50 supporter businesses in several Balkan and European countries.

We invite all those who want to become part of the "IPO Supporter Program" and offer discounts on their services to the IPO members but also to promote their activity on our website and other social networks of our organization.

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