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Based on the numerous request from different Countries of the world, the Webinar “Forensic Biology and Genetics - from basic knowledge to the legal-forensic context”, which took place on 28/01/2023 in Italian language and has been repeated on Saturday 04/02/2023, was organized by IPO Section Italy and lectured by the Forensic Biologist Dr. Chiara Lucanto.

In this webinar was discussed the world of Forensic Biology in a first synthetic approach. Starting with the basics of biology, the structure of the cell was discussed in order to understand where DNA resides and how it is made up, followed by notions of classical genetics in order to better understand the human genome. Subsequently, the difference between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA and their applicative importance in forensics was understood.

The role of the forensic biologist was defined by making the distinction from the Forensic Genetist, distinct roles that often overlap. Once the importance of DNA was understood, it was seen how it applies in a legal-forensic context and, therefore, how it can be considered a reliable source of evidence in forensic investigations.

The webinar was held in English language and was attended by many members of the different IPO Sections from all-over the world.

This webinar was directed towards professionals in the field, but also professionals from other backgrounds who were curious to approach the world of forensic biology and genetics.

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