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The Government of the Republic of Moldova organized on May 9, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the "Alexandru Ciubotaru" National Botanical Garden, the program for children: "Celebrating Europe together".

Europe Day symbolizes peace and unity on the European continent. On the occasion of this event, the Government invited citizens to visit the Chisinau Botanical Garden in an event for children with an exhibition of craftspeople, an artistic program by the Credo military choir, workshops and activities for children, an exhibition of intervention and forensic techniques, a performance by the canine service and the canine team, but also other surprises.

"Celebrating Europe Together"

Today was a presentation of law enforcement from the Republic of Moldova on Europe Day, our Section Leader of IPO Section Moldova Ms. Olesea Chiznicenco Police Officer in the position as a Forensic Expert of the Technical Forensic Center and Judicial Expertise of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova together with the colleagues, presented the Forensic Laboratory and the activity of the Forensic Expert.

Firefighters, Carabinieri, Border Police, K9 Service, Police officers from the bicycle patrol and Equestrian Patrol Services of the National Public Security Inspectorate, and forensic experts participated in this activity opened to the public where civilians were guests at this activity.

Several of them were parents with children where the children got to know the work and services of the police and law enforcement officers from the Republic of Moldova.

Ms. Olesea Chiznicenco was appointed as Leader of IPO Section Moldova from March of this year and is committed to creating this section with professionals from law enforcement and the civil sector.

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