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After Coronavirus, today we are facing the icy social era

After coronavirus, the world will face the ice age, not the time when water, plains, and mountains freeze, 

but the age when people freeze.

The era of financial, social, moral, active, and objective cooling.

The era where people will face the most strong economic crises, 

where small and medium-sized businesses will be hit by the strongest ice waves of the last 100 years.

An era where people will be invited to the point where they will no longer have communication with each other.

The era where the immoral will do morals and the moral will no longer find a place in society.

An era where activity and objectivity will no longer be the goal of waking up the next day.

Today we are beginning to face this a new era, 

with this era where every day more and more we are seeing that life is becoming much more difficult economically, 

people are struggling to make food purchases and manage to survive one more next week.

Businesses are struggling to recover after the great closure that paralyzed almost the entire world.

Society is facing the phenomenon of cold and social distance, 

they no longer meet as before with a lot of love embracing but now instead of hands we give elbows, 

now instead of kisses we give a smile after the masks which have become fashionable which is necessary for survival.

Not only physically but also virtually people are starting to get cold with each other every day, 

there is no more communication than before, everything is getting annoying and boring.

Morality, activity, and objectivity are declining every day so much that nothing bothers us anymore, 

we no longer understand what day it is today, 

we no longer have an objective and no intention to wake up in the morning because we no longer know how long we will live, 

and if we will live, what our future will be like when privacy will no longer exist and when microchips 

will be placed in our bodies and we will be check like laboratory species.

All of this is happening as a result of the psychological terror that humanity is going through almost all over the world.

If yesterday we said that everything will go well, we have said it to give ourselves a reason to wake up the next day and continue life, 

and not to be demoralized by waiting in agony for the next few days of survival.

After Coronavirus, today we are facing the icy social era and it is up to us whether we will let the world freeze or shine.

Today the world needs our warmth, today we need each other's warmth

Don’t give up, don’t sleep but wake up and react

Dr. Tomori Mareglen Criminologist & Crime Analyst Expert in Forensics Sciences, Investigative Criminology and Intelligence

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