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Anti-drugs education

On December the 21st our organization has held the second-debate dedicated to the fight against substance abuse. This time  International Police Organization addressed the citizens in the largest municipality in Serbia. We wish to thank the Municipality of New Belgrade, which recognized the importance of the topic and give us free of charge conference room to use.  President of the Organization Ilija Životić MSc introduced citizens with the cooperation achieved with the Vienna NGO Anti-drug Comettee, umbrella Organization for Co-operation with the UN. Thanks to this cooperation IPO has the latest information related to the illegal drug market, which is very important for the planning of our actions in the future. After that, participants were able to familiarize themselves with the movement of the illegal drug market, from laboratory for the production of drugs to handover between street dealers and users.  Petar Spolaric in his speech presented the importance of the role of society in the fight against drugs trafficking. The exposure was very significant, since a mechanism of the social aspect in this field.  Stevan Djokic President of the Center for Investigation and security of defense and chief of IPO Section Serbia presented the most commonly used psychoactive substances, their origin, method of use. A special part of the presentation Mr.Djokic was explaining the consequences that these substances cause the user.  On this occasion, we announce an even larger number of the stands after the New Year holidays because it proved that this, direct way of communicating with citizens the right choice.

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