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On March 6, 2024, IPO Section North Macedonia led by the President Mr. Ejup Akija, held a training in cooperation with the Association for Corporate Security and Elicosoft on "Cyber Threats to Corporate and Government Systems in the Modern World".

In training, Mr. Boan Petrovski from Elicosoft presented the challenges, problems, and solutions in the field of Cyber Security, especially in corporate and government systems.

It was pointed out that this is an area that is particularly widespread and necessary in everyday life living and functioning.

Elicosoft is working to find suitable solutions and is involved in many important projects in the state, a leader in the creation of advanced information technologies in terms of optimizing system solutions.

A discussion was held about cyber safety and determining the focus to be taken to prevent unexpected attacks or the collapse of entire systems of both government and corporations.

IPO News Room

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