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By Dr. Tomori Mareglen

"Everything will go well, it's just a bad dream"

In these difficult days for everyone, I see on Facebook many virologists, experts, technicians, analysts and those who know everything and have foreseen everything.

The most absurd and funny thing to see is where many of these people edit their old Facebook posts by writing something about what we are experiencing and bring it to us as a prophecy post telling us that they have foreseen this before.

I am not even a prophet and nothing of these who predict and analyze on social and tell us much today, but I know that today we are in an emergency state of health and psychological and that if there were so many of these predictors in it indeed, today we would not be in this critical situation but we would have prevented in the first day this thing and thanks to ignorants like you, Covid-19 spread in an extraordinary and fast manner throughout Italy crossing and its borders.

Dears virologist, expert and all you pseudo prophet don't throw more gas in the fire because people are psychologically terrified and morally killed and need support and understanding how to how to get through this critical situation, they do not need for yours prophecies that lead to the thought of war and total destruction because you are seeing the army and police everywhere or because you are changing the routine of your daily life by not going out freely and because we are being asked to stay home for 2 weeks. Life will go on whether you like it or not...

Today we need nothing of what you do, today we need unity, a kind word, optimism, hope, and psychosocial support in order to get through this situation with as little pain as possible Possible.

Change now while you are still in time and be helpful to society because when it's all over, you will still to delete and edit these posts and continue in the social media by doing propaganda and analysis and telling us that you helped society to overcome this situation.

From today onwards we all need to have only one goal, to wake up tomorrow to continue living again, but to achieve that goal today we will stay home to help humanity and give priority to those who are in serious condition in hospitals, giving you the strength and courage of all the doctors, nurses, and all those who are doing extraordinary work physically and spiritually these days, while you dealing with propaganda and social prophecy.

This is not a game, it is a war that we must win together by being mentally united and physically and spiritually strained.

From today, we should only have one slogan

"Everything will go well, it's just a bad dream"

Dr. Mareglen Tomori

Criminologist & Crime Analyst.

Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences,

Investigative Criminology, and Intelligence.

Section Leader IPO Italy

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