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High tech criminal – Cyber criminal

By Sanela Nikolic, IPO Official Member.

Today is possible to access the various and multiple servises offered by the internet, such as e-commerce, home banking and everythink possible on-line and that is the one of the reason that develop high tech crime.

High tech crime includes a set of criminal offenses where computers, computer network, computer data, as well as their products in material and electronic form appear as an object of criminal offense.

This definition includes a large number of abuses of information tehnology.

If the one time the figure was attributed to a man or a woman of low culture and humble social class, progress has changed both way. Misdemeanor is usually consumed in places of honor and unsuspected people. The autor can be a single individual acting on his own behalf or an associated group.

To identify those crimes commited at a high level, that is, by high society people such as lawyers, engineers, professionals and not by low ranking social class as someone mistakenly think.

Cyber crime are united by two factors:

- The use computer tehnology to abuse

- The use computer for realization of the fact

Cyber criminal encompasses a set of crimes against security of computer data such as damage to computer data and programs, computer sabotage, creation and introduction of computer viruses, unautorized use of the computer or computer network ecc..

In accordance with this legal definition in the field high tech crime also includes crimes computer appear as a means of commiting criminal acts of froud, abuse of payment cards on the internet, abuse of children for pornographic purposes on the internet, spreading national and religions hatred ecc...

Total security in reality is an abstraction, there is no system totaly secure computer, but we can do some of very important and simply things to protect ourselves and out computer data.

Some of useful tips for protection your computer are to always keep your security program on, install and always update the antivirus program, to be careful when „download „ content from internet, take care about your email you Sent as well as you recived, to not reply to spam messages, be careful when you pay over the internet, shut down your computer when you are not around...

Sometimes is very hard for adult to menage with all this cyber crime problems, what we can tell then for our children?

Children and young people inevitably come i to a contact with computers and their tehnology. Experience shows that supervision from the parents and monitoring of the childrens activites on the internet are important in the protection of the children, but it is not enough.

Parents are not a le to constantly monitoring children’s activity on the internet and for that reason, we have to teach our children to use internet on a safe way and how to reconize and avoid possible danger.

It is necessary to respect their independence interese and activites, but according to their age. In many cases we have peer abuse by insults, spreading rumors and blackmail from one child or a group of children to another child.

Adult abuse most often misrepresentation and manipulation, with a goal to get confidence from the child and make him on unwanted behaviors, usually sexual.

For every possible crime, we should contact the police, and do not delete messages or pictures that can serve as evidence.

By Sanela Nikolic, Serbia State Police Officer

IPO Official Member

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