Important activity IPO Montenegro

Today, a three-member delegation of the International Police Organization had a constructive meeting with representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro.

At the meeting, ideas and opinions on cooperation of the civil sector with the highest house in the country were exchanged.

The openness and transparency of the representatives in the Parliament of Montenegro contributed to the continuation and improvement of cooperation in the field of the civil sector.

Representatives of the IPO organization suggested that representatives of the civil sector be more involved in the work of parliamentary control of security services. Further guidelines regarding the work of the civil sector and the Parliament of Montenegro were agreed at the meeting. On this occasion, we thank the advisors, Dusko Stjepovic and Vuk Jankovic, who, on behalf of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, MA, received a three-member delegation of the International Police Organization and agreed on further cooperation.

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