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Saturday 27th November 2021

International Police Organization IPO African Command Based in Nairobi Kenya

near the IPO Section Kenya organized an International webinar for IPO members called "NATIONAL SECURITY BASIC TRAINING".

The webinar was led by the President of IPO Section Kenya and IPO African Command

Mr. Shuaib Adam and by the IPO Training Instructor Delano Kiilu, a Counter-terrorism expert, security leader, PR and Newsdesk for IPO African Command.

National Security Basic Training Webinar was attended by almost 200 IPO members from around the world.

This training provided the historic context based on the first international peace treaty and focused on the growth of kingdom states within the African continent.

The training also helped provide an understanding of the role of Regional Economic Communities (REC’s) in the maintenance of peace and stability.

The foundation and aspects of global security based on the development of National Security Policy (NSP) followed by a clear National Security Strategy (NSS) was also clearly defined. IPO learners were provided with a dive into the National Security threats at a global level and best practices being adopted by countries to counter National Security threats through strategic initiatives and partnerships.

The training was also attended by key IPO Leaders from International Headquarters including Dr. Dorina Bala, IPO HQ Counselor, Chief of Administration who was a Panellist,

and Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, IPO HQ Coordination Director.

IPO President Pakistan, DIG Maqsood Ahmed Memon was also in attendance.

Together with the members of the IPO Section Pakistan, National Police officers who attended the Webinar with great interest and pleasure.

In the future there will be more such activities and webinars as the IPO is already on the right track, increasing rapidly and internationally with more professionals,

law enforcement, and ordinary community joining us every day.

IPO News Room

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