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Thanks to the fact that our organization is the member of the NGO Committee against Drugs at the United Nations , today we had the opportunity to participate in a large international webinar dedicated to the prevention of drug use. Our representative was the Foundrer of the IPO, Assistant professor Ilija Zivotic PhD who was several times at meetings at the UN Center in Vienna with UN officials. More than 50 experts from all over the world from the mentioned field participated in this online gathering of committee members. Experiences and studies from all over the world are presented. -A particularly interesting study on the role of the family in drug prevention was conducted in dozens of countries with a huge number of participants.

The survey included families with both single and multiple children, rich, poor, low and highly educated. Families from Iran, China, Russia, Malaysia, but also Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, the USA, various countries in Latin America and Africa.

Namely, a large period of time ago, it was a generally accepted method to give lectures to parents on how to recognize drug use in their children, what are the behavioral symptoms and the like.

This research proved that it was the wrong approach because parents often behaved like police officers and in many cases due to the wrong behavior of parents in families, the relationship worsened. And bad relations within the family, not paying enough attention to children, tension between parents as well as between parents and children was the main cause of drug use by the youngest, who thus fled from reality and problems. The new approach recommended by the United Nations on the basis of the mentioned study does not exclude acquainting parents with the symptoms of drug use, but the role of parents in the normal functioning of the family is put in the foreground. Which unfortunately many parents have forgotten. It is recommended that instead of conducting investigations within their home, they do everything possible to ensure that the functioning of relationships within the family takes place in a healthy and positive way. As the head of the UN Department for the Fight against Drugs said, "It is necessary for a parent to be a parent in the full sense of the word." Because if the relations within the family are good, if you have good communication with children on a daily basis, if you have time to listen to them, pay attention to them, advise them, include them in some obligations as a full member, reward them when needed, then there is little chance in any sense. In any case, a really interesting online gathering with great speakers, interesting presentations and certainly the right recommendations that we will adopt in future trainings that we will conduct in order to fight drugs.

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