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At the invitation of the Executive Director of the association "Tjeter Vizion" Mr. Arjan Çala, the Executive President of IPO Dr. Mareglen Tomori participated in the public forum "FROM AWARENESS TO ACTION: JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST TRAFFICKING" organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Kukës and UNICEF Albania on October 6/2023

This activity was supported by the project "Increasing an efficient nationwide system response to human trafficking in and from Albania" supported by the British government and in partnership with UNICEF.

The forum brought together all national and local anti-trafficking actors such as: representatives from the Ministry of the Interior and the Responsible Authority, the newly elected Mayor of Kuka, the representative of KRAT Kuka, Deputy. The Director of the Local Directorate of the Kukës Police, the representative of the Border and Migration Police in Kukës; UNICEF Albania; representatives of KKSAT; ZVA; school students; as well as the partner organizations operating in the Kukës Municipality, TDH, Swiss contact and local civil society organizations.

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