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During his visit to Belgrade, the Executive President of IPO Dr. Tomori Mareglen, and the Coordination Director Mrs. Sanela Nikolic took the opportunity to pay a short visit to the IPO Section North Macedonia. Although a lot of distance and a few hours of travel but it is worth the effort when to meet a friend and collaborator who for less than 1 year at the head of this Section has done great and professional work.

Nenad Mirovski, President of the IPO Section North Macedonia who in April of this year registered according to local laws the IPO Section in North Macedonia and with a professional determination and inexhaustible will continue to do an excellent job in this section, although more troubles and many problems due to various situations including major blockages by covid 19 he continues to work tirelessly leading the section and bringing more than 120 members among them law enforcement and security sector professionals.

These are some elements that motivated me to do about 900 km from Belgrade to Skopje and vice versa just to greet and have a coffee with our friend and collaborator

said Dr. Tomori.

In this short meeting, there were also talks on the progress of work in general but also the work programming for the next year where IPO HQ has decided to assist and support this section to organize for the member's professional courses in the presence

It was discussed and decided that in February next year will be organized the first professional course in presence with the topic

"Crime Scene" (First Responders, Analysis, Investigations).

The course will be developed and led by the Coordination Director of IPO HQ Mrs. Nikolic who will be engaged and will personally take care of every detail and the progress of this course but also for the assistance in organizing other ongoing courses.

More information on the professional course will be provided in the coming days.

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