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IPO founder Dr. Ilija Životić visited today the humanitarian organization IHP in the small town of Stepojevac near Belgrade.

This humanitarian organization, which primarily deals with the inclusion of Roma in the previous period, has done a lot in the education of this ethnic group.

On the one hand, IHP provided large amounts of money for a long period of time for vulnerable families, and on the other hand, it made members of this ethnic group interested in the security sector.

Accordingly, IPO Section Serbia will hold a series of lectures in Stepojevac in the coming period in order to familiarize the residents of this place with security issues, laws and the most common ways of endangering minority communities.

IPO Section Serbia will pay special attention to the education of the population in this place when it comes to Internet fraud, which is most common in rural areas, as well as education in the field of drug prevention. Also, our instructors as well as partner organizations will hold a large number of seminars on culture, IT, and martial arts.

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