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On Friday, September 29, at the Ministry of Justice, the Minister Mr. Ulsi Manja distributed certificates of appreciation to local and foreign civil society organizations that contribute to Youth Crime Prevention and Free Legal Aid.

The International Police Organization IPO HQ was among the organizations evaluated by the Ministry of Justice for its contribution to the strengthening of the Center for the Prevention of Juvenile and Youth Crimes "QPKMR" through various activities such as round tables, workshops, and training since the year past when IPO HQ and QPKMR signed official partnership agreements.

We are honored and very grateful that our work is appreciated by our partners.

During the awarding of the certificate of appreciation, the Ministry of Justice said: IPO, a multinational, professional and educational organization with the mission of strengthening community policing, has served as a bridge between the KPKMR, law enforcement structures in the country and the community, offering training, manuals, joint working protocols for strengthening the capacities of order-justice-social services, etc.

This organization has supported the mission of preventing youth crime by engaging in increasing the capacities and promoting the role of the KPKMR and the Ministry in the process of consolidating the justice system in Albania, as well as continuing the work for a deeper cooperation regionally and beyond.

For this reason, we are pleased to thank and appreciate the IPO with the Certificate of Appreciation.

The IPO in this ceremony was represented by the President of the IPO Section Albania

Mr. Koço Simaku who received from the Minister of Justice the certificate of appreciation for the International Police Organization IPO HQ and on behalf of the Executive President

Dr. Mareglen Tomori, he thanked the Minister Mr. Ulsi Manja and the Director of QPKMR Ms. Klaudia Hasanllari.

IPO as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations since 2022 that through educational and scientific work aims to create theoretical and practical tools to serve as a bridge between the community and law enforcement by uniting civil professional structures and of security to contribute together for a safer community and a safer tomorrow, will continue to make its contribution to Albanian institutions and law enforcement structures.

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