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IPO HQ Important notice

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The IPO Headquarters informs you that the only legal and plenipotentiary body for decision-making, execution of decisions as well as for the production of membership documents and any other documentation on behalf of the IPO is the International Headquarters of the IPO based in Milan, Italy.

The applications for membership are avaiable online on our website , exception of countries which have official sections, the candidate may address to the Section Leaders through the official websites or social networks published by IPO HQ. Ignore and denounce any person who offers memberships, badges or other services on behalf of the IPO.

All our services and our managers are published on the official website of IPO HQ.

We also appeal to all those persons who have appropriated titles or use logos and certifications not authorized by IPO HQ, to remove urgently from Facebook or other social networks profiles all appointments or documents, logos and other materials related to IPO and that are not authorized for use.

IPO is an NGO and has no employees or staff with government titles.

All our managers and coordinators receive the official appointment from IPO HQ and are provided with a certificate indicating the task assigned to them and are publishet in our official website. Ignore and denounce anyone who introduces himself to you as leader, manager or coordiantor of the IPO and who does not certify it with an official document issued by the IPO HQ.

Thanking you for your cooperation, we invite you to follow us to be informed about the ongoing programs and new developments.

International Police Organization IPO

Executive Board

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Jul 21, 2021

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