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On Saturday, November 19, in Madrid, IPO Founder Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Životić Ph.D. and

IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen received prestigious Medals of Merit from the Spanish Association of Friends of the National Police.

The Duke of Seville, as President of the association, and Princess Sofia Bourbon, Secretary General, presented the medals to them. This high recognition, which is reserved for the best among the best in the Spanish police, was awarded this year among the officers and detectives of the Spanish police to only 3 civilians!

After the magnificent ceremony, our representatives had a number of conversations with high-ranking officers of the Spanish Police who were very interested in our education programs for both police officers and civilians.

Besides, Zivotic and Tomori had the opportunity to have conversations with the Duke of Seville and Princess Sofia Bourbon, in which they thanked them for supporting the work of the police as representatives of the European aristocracy and taking an interest in general security, which motivates both the active members of the Spanish police and the young people who are thinking of becoming part of the forces of order.

This was followed by talks on the sidelines of the ceremony with a number of high-ranking Spanish police officers.

A special place among the guests was our representative of institutional diplomatic relations for the Middle East and Latin America, Maj. Gen. Juan Baranco, who, thanks to his experience in diplomacy and security, enjoys great trust around the world.

The merit medals that Životić and Tomori received represent another confirmation of our work and the importance of the educations we conduct, but also motivate us as an NGO to continue doing even better.

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