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This weekend, October 23-24, the IPO management team,

the IPO Executive President-CEO Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the IPO Director of Coordination Mrs. Sanela Nikolic paid an official visit to the IPO Section Montenegro where they were received by the main leaders of this section, the President of the Section Mr. Ivan Pekic and the Secretary General Mr. Momcilo Scekic.

Dr. Tomori thanking them for the hospitality, award them with certificates of appreciation for their tireless work and achievements during this year as well as introduced the new image of the IPO by handing over the official Roll UP

Also, Dr. Tomori together with Mr. Pekic formalized the appointment of the new

Vice President of IPO Section Montenegro Mrs. Tamara Jovicevic and wished her welcome and good work in this fantastic team.

For the main two leaders of the IPO Section Montenegro, Mr. Pekic and Mr. Scekic, Mrs. Nikolic awards them with certificates of professional validation as High IPO Instructor in the field of Security and Crime Analysis.

During this meeting, the IPO Leading Team had the pleasure to meet with the rest of the IPO Section Montenegro staff with whom they talked at length about many issues and ideas for further development of work and activities in this Section and introduced them to the new program and structure of IPO Headquarters.

In this meeting was also discussed about the international project

"Border Security and Migration Flow Management", a project which is expected

to start soon and will be implemented in several Balkan countries affecting Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro.

We are very satisfied with the work of the IPO Section Montenegro and the

IPO Headquarters will give the maximum support for the further development

of the activities and initiatives of this Section.

IPO News Room

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