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Today September 14/2022, according to the ordinary meeting of the Executive Board of IPO Headquarters, were taken the following decisions.

Due to non-compliance with the instructions and regulations, non-fulfillment of the criteria as well as exceeding the specified deadlines set by IPO Headquarters, it has been decided to suspend and ban for further developments in the following Sections:

IPO Section Turkey

IPO Section Denmark

IPO Section United Kingdom

IPO Section Hungaria

IPO Section Poland

IPO Section Liechtenstein

IPO Section Mali

The representatives of these sections are ordered to close categorically and immediately all profiles created on social networks and other sites / websites, emails, etc with the name of IPO and its Logo which is a trademark registered and protected by the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO

The members of these sections with valid membership will be under the coordination of the European Command of the IPO and under the supervision of the IPO HQ.

New memberships in these sections will only be accepted if done through the online application form

This decision will remain in force until a second decision from IPO Headquarters.

We also remind the sections that have received the relevant authorization from the IPO headquarters, to speed up the official registration procedures in their countries and to complete the registration within December of this year.

For non-response and continuation of the procedures, IPO HQ after this date will take a decision to suspend the authorization and not allow the development of further procedures.

This decision enters into force immediately from the moment of publication on the official website of the International Police Organization IPO.

Official Notification

IPO Headquarters General Secretariat

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