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Updated: May 6

On today's meeting of IPO HEC - Headquarters Executive Council where was evaluated the work of Mr. Shuaib Adam during the period of exercising his duties in the IPO and were discussed the reasons for making a decision, we believe that this step is in the best interest of the IPO.

Through this official notification, we want to inform you that the position of Mr. Adam in IPO as Leader / President of IPO Section Kenya and African Command will be

officially terminated with immediate effect on today's date 02 May 2023.

AS ABOVE, IPO HEC has decided:

- The immediate dismissal of Mr. Shuaib Adam from all the functions held in the IPO.

- To authorize Mr. Anwar Abdulshakur Hussein to coordinate the IPO Section Kenya

between the members and the IPO HQ and to create the working team to reform the

IPO Section Kenya according to the regulation and guidelines of the IPO Headquarters.

- Mr. Adam must immediately close any account in social media and networks, website, email addresses and any other platform in the name of IPO, as well as to stop using the name and logo of IPO, that is trademark and intellectual property of IPO Headquarters.

As above, we look forward to the cooperation of Mr. Shuaib Adam for the transition of the section in a peaceful and collaborative manner.

The IPO Headquarters thanks Mr. Shuaib Adam for his service and the work he has done so far and has also decided that Mr. Adam remain as a regular member of the IPO for an unlimited period of time, without the right of vote, commitment, and influence in the IPO Section Kenya and African Command.

This decision takes effect immediately and is irrevocable.

Visit the IPO Section Kenya official page for more information on the new Leadership

IPO News Room

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