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As part of the project entitled: "Youth safety on the roads" which is financed by the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro, and implemented by the IPO Montenegro together with partners from the NGO Sistem, today at the School "Panto Mališić" a lecture was held in Berane on the topic of traffic safety promotion.

Before the start of the lecture, the present students were greeted by the president of the IPO Section Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Pekić, who in his opening speech introduced the present to the project and, on behalf of the organization, thanked the director of the school, Dragan Bubanja, for his wholehearted welcome and cooperation.

IPO lecturer, Graduate Security Manager Mr. Muamer Matović, explained to the students through a presentation the negative aspects that affect traffic safety (the influence of speed, alcohol consumption, drugs, etc.), which lead to unwanted consequences with a statistical presentation that is very worrying because in Montenegro annually over 50 people are killed and that number is increasing every year.

IPO Section Montenegro Secretary General Mr. Momčilo Šćekić, while interacting with the students, spoke about traffic safety from his many years of experience in the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, with special emphasis on what all young people should pay attention to when participating in traffic, while IPO Montenegro Coordinator Mr. Boris Janković told the students familiarized with traffic culture, the importance of following traffic regulations, basic traffic rules with special emphasis on the positive aspects of seat belt use, as well as the safety risks that occur due to inattention and violation of traffic rules and the danger of using mobile devices when participating in traffic.

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