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On May 30th of this year, the International Police Organization of Montenegro organized a round table titled "Violations of Human Rights of Detained Persons."

Participants in this event included representatives of IPO Section Montenegro, President Ivan Pekic, Executive Director Momcilo Scekic, Secretary General Boris Jankovic, Director of the Directorate for Human and Minority Rights Mirjana Pajkovic, Human Rights Ombudsman Sinisa Bjekovic, TV E journalist Svetlana Djokic, former representative of Montenegro before the European Court of Justice Valentina Pavlicic, lawyers Mitar Susic and Andrijana Razic, President of the Independent Police Union Igor Rmandic, Djordjije Vukicevic from NSPCG, security science Ph.D. Ljubisa Konatar, law subjects professor Nedjeljko Djurovic, the Executive Director of the NGO System Neda Radović, Aleksandra Dubak from Civic Alliance, and Kristina Devic from HRA.

President of IPO Section Montenegro Ivan Pekic stated that the Special State Prosecutor's Office should re-examine the validity of the evidence mentioned in the SKY communication, as it must be obtained legally. He noted that the presumption of innocence is not sufficiently respected in Montenegro and that it should be upheld regardless of whether someone holds an important position in the state or not. He emphasized that without the introduction of vetting, especially in the judiciary, there will not be better results in the fight against organized crime.

"IPO supports the work of the entire security sector, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police Directorate, the National Security Agency, the Ministry of Defense, as institutions. We do not personally attach to the names of ministers, as they must be aware that during their mandate, they must do something of quality to improve the security situation in the country," Pekic said.

The message from the round table of the IPO Section Montenegro is that the human rights of detained persons are being violated more than ever, which requires the Constitutional Court to intensively protect their rights, and for lower courts to respect its decisions.

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