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In compliance with the agreements between the IPO Headquarters, the Center for the Prevention of Crimes for Minors and Youngs (QPKMR), and the National Chamber of Mediation (DHKN), together we continue the meetings with young professionals of juvenile justice for the presentation of the solutions to solve conflicts through dialogue, providing a free mediation service for all minors in the country and young people up to 21 years of age, who are involved in contact or conflict with the law.

IPO Section Albania, as part of the agreements, supports meetings for young professionals of Juvenile Criminal Justice and lobbies for such tables that come in the implementation of the Juvenile Criminal Justice Strategy and strengthening cooperation between professionals towards the common goal of management of cases in conflict with the law.

The Juvenile and Youth Crime Prevention Center (QPKMR) is a state institution under the Ministry of Justice that has a legal obligation based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers and state strategy to implement specialized plans for juvenile justice professionals, as well as to coordinate the entire Inter-institutional chain in the framework of the prevention of juvenile crimes and their rehabilitation.

The National Chamber of Mediators (DHKN) is a Public Legal Entity that exercises its activity independently from the state, based on the Law "On Mediation in the Resolution of Disputes", and the legal and by-laws in force in the Republic of Albania.

The mission of DHKN, through the Mediator, is to provide Albanian citizens with a new alternative for resolving their conflicts and disputes, without resorting to the judicial process, at a very low cost and for a very short time, transparently, where are the parties themselves who decide on making this decision. "Both sides win with mediation" and based on the experience of other countries, it is more efficient, fast and economical. Not every dispute must necessarily be resolved in Court. Mediation is that solution method, the free will of the parties, in which the parties have no chance to lose, there is no judge or prosecutor to decide for them, but they are the ones who decide the terms of the Agreement and both parties always win. The mediator is the person, but not the legal advisor, who gives the agreement of 2 or more parties the power of the executive title, or in other words, makes it possible for the agreement of the parties to be equal to a final court decision.

We contribute together, for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow by intervening in time to prevent fatal consequences.

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