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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

IPO Section Albania together with the Center for the Prevention of Juvenile and Youth Crimes "QPKMR" following the agreement with IPO Headquarters, held this week the workshop entitled "Innovations of the Criminal Code for Minors"

The workshop was opened by the Executive President of IPO, the Criminologist Dr. Tomori Mareglen and was then led by the Director of "QPKMR" Mrs. Klaudia Hasanllari, who included in the discussion many presents in this activity where the importance of strengthening the inter-institutional chain of justice for minors was discussed.

Those present were engaged to discuss the difficulties in identifying and protecting minors who are victims and perpetrators of criminal offenses as well as permitting the regulatory framework for employees acting in this joint mission.

Together with colleagues from the state police, school officers, and representatives of education and social protection institutions, the New Juvenile Justice Strategy and concrete crime and recidivism prevention programs for young people were discussed.

This workshop was the second held this year after the one held in September.

The continuation of these workshops takes place within the framework of the agreement that IPO HQ and QPKMR concluded a few months ago, where with the support of the Ministry of Justice and the cooperation of relative institutions that intersect in the current topic, various fruitful meetings were held, the participants of which were institutions and organizations that work in the field of the rights of children and young people in conflict with the law, such as School Security Officers who play an important role, also, Social workers in schools, OSCE, UNICEF, Albanian Red Cross, etc.

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