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This weekend, October 30, 2021, the IPO Founder and Honorary President

Ass. Prof. Ilija Zivotic Ph.D. and the IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen

held an official visit to Banja Luka where they formalized the establishment of the

IPO Section Bosnia and Herzegovina were was registered according to the laws of the country by the former Police Officer Mr. Petar Babic who will be President,

Leader of the IPO Section Bosnia and Herzegovina BH.

Mr. Babic who has been engaged in the development of this section for more than

2 years, received the official appointment as President and Leader of this Section

for the next 5 years where he will lead it under the guidelines and coordination of the

IPO Headquarters.

Mr. Babic during this period has done considerable work for the development of the section although there have been many difficulties, but his desire, passion, and willingness to continue forward led to the official registration of this section and the formation of a professional staff that will be maximally engaged for the development and realization of the program and the objectives of the IPO.

Thanking Mr. Babic for his commitment, we wish him good work and further success.

IPO News Room

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