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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

IPO Section Cameroon President Mr. Pierre Bertrand Ngondi took part in the training of election observers, held at the headquarters of the Human Rights Commission in Cameroon from 6 to 7 march 2023.

As a prelude to the upcoming elections in Cameroon and especially the senatorial elections to be held on March 12, 2023, in Cameroon, several observers from civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations have been appointed and trained in methods and techniques of surveillance and therefore election observation, by experts, eminent university teachers and national, international electoral administrators, etc.

Organized jointly by the sub-regional observatory for community integration in Central Africa and the Human Rights Commission of Cameroon, the training provided future election observers with the tools necessary for their role during the elections. if it must be remembered, the neutral and objective role of an election observer is to reflect good governance and the confidence of the population in the electoral system and therefore to bear witness to the exercise of democracy. In the presence of the authorities, leaders of non-governmental organizations, and civil society.

The oath of observers was also read to allow election observers to become aware of their level of real commitment.

From the legislation around elections in general and senatorial elections in particular, through the presentation of the structure of Elections Cameroon which is responsible for the material organization of the elections and its essential role, without forgetting security, logistics, and communication. necessary for election observers, all the aspects and practical cases were reviewed thanks to an interactive game and permanent sharing between the participants.

Invited to give his point of view on the role of IPO in an electoral process, the Leader of the IPO Cameroon Section thus recalled that the role of the non-governmental organization he represents during the holding of an Election, n is not to have a bias but to support Cameroon in its fight against fake news in the management of elections, the head of the IPO Cameroon section recalled that the role of a member of IPO and therefore of any other organization non-governmental, in an election is to be an eyewitness, an official communicator and above all an authorized monitor to guarantee the credibility of the results of an Election.

Welcoming this decision by the Cameroonian authorities to always make elections a matter for everyone, by giving the possibility to civil society and international and non-governmental organizations to get directly involved in the establishment of democratic institutions. The members of the IPO Cameroon section were also invited to participate in the next implementations of the projects of several civil society and non-governmental organizations which took part in the said training.

It should be noted that Cameroon is in its second senatorial election since the creation of the Senate and since then no major breach that could cast doubt on the electoral process during the senatorial elections has been deplored or observed by Cameroonian authorities, in a preventive manner by and in the concern to evolve within the democratic framework, thought that it was necessary to give a key role to civil society organizations so that the people are at the forefront in the implementation of democratic institutions.

The presentation of observer certificates was another moment of great emotion because, like the Head of Section IPO Cameroon, several observers officially recognized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the country, will now be among those responsible for securing, giving credibility and why not moralize the elections in accordance with the common rules applicable according to the laws of Cameroon and according to the universal and international rules which recognize its sovereignty.

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