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Ipo section Italy

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We are proud to present the IPO representation in Italy led by the Leader of the Italian Section, the Criminologist Mr. Mareglen Tomori,

and the Leader for the Northern Italy Section

Mr. Francesco Gelao

International Police Organization IPO is a non-profit organization formed with the aim of increasing knowledge of security among citizens with different types of education.

We will try to solve security problems and adequately represent them to public and security officials by exchanging experiences and ideas.

We will strive to share the experience of policeman, agents and others with citizens, with the use of lessons, seminars and other forms of education.

The IPO will have the role of giving full support to the country's security officials in every nation that has pressing IPO officials.

In case of any emergency situation, the organization will urgently call on its members to assist the officials of an authorized country in an area where the emergency occurs.

Unlike other organizations with a similar name, where civilians can only be honorary or sympathetic members, the IPO is an organization in which civilians are the main members.

Our leaders are security experts, former and current members of the police, army and security services.

They are there to share their knowledge and skills to ordinary citizens so they know how to act in emergency situations.

Our motto "Strong IPO for strong world" will become synonymous with every member

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