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A handshake between the leaders of 2 different organizations but with objectives

which intersect for the same purpose, that of contributing to a safer community by serving in a friendly and professional manner in civil society and law enforcement.

The International Executive President of International Police Organization IPO and President of the IPO Section Italy, the Criminologist Dr. Tomori Mareglen held an official meeting with the President of International Police Association IPA Milano 3.0 Mr. Attilio Di Nunzio at the premises of IPO HQ and IPO Section Italy premises in Milan.

This innovative meeting was aimed at creating a cooperative atmosphere between the two organizations by concluding a cooperation contract between them which will be fruitful for the members of IPA and IPO not only in Italy but also more widely.

IPO Section Italy offered a convention for IPA members to further strengthen this innovative cooperation.

The IPO will offer a 50% discount on the memberships for active members of the IPA, but on the condition that they do not cancel their membership in the IPA and continue it for as long as they are a member of the IPO.

From this agreement, the IPA members will benefit from all the training services and webinars that IPO has made available for members, as well as from the discounts that supporters and sponsors of IPO offer for members.

Also from the President of IPA Milano 3.0 Mr. Atilio Di Nunzio an operative shooting Expert, Police Officer, and Instructor of Police Academy, and his team will offer training programs and webinars for all active members of IPO and IPA Milano 3.0 as well as hospitality for all IPO members from all over the world who want to visit Milan.

As a sign of the officialization of this agreement, the leaders signed the 2-party cooperation contract and exchanged the official emblems of both organizations, IPO and IPA Milano 3.0


Also in this meeting, was confirmed the official membership of Mr. Di Nunzio in IPO Section Italy, and he was offered the opportunity to join the executive board and to coordinate the IPO Division North Italy, as well as to organize courses and trainings and to coordinate the activities with the law enforcement in the entire Italian territory but without having legal and fiscal responsibility and administrative bureaucracy.

This action paves the way for an innovative relationship by harmonizing the cooperation between similar organizations from all over the world.

The IPO has an expanded professional and educational program which offers cooperation to all non-governmental organizations or governmental institutions that share the same goals without creating a conflict of interest between them and developing the same objectives while being as close as possible to the community for a safe future.

This important activity will be followed by several others as in the following days IPO Section Italy will publish the new appointments of coordinators and leaders who will develop the section in the future.

IPO News Room

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