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IPO Section Italy important Partnership with Union Security S.P.A

After many conversations on the exchange of experiences, projects, and ideas,

a partnership agreement was reached on March 4 between the

International Police Organization IPO and Union Security S.p.a,

one of the leading security companies in Italy.

The partnership was signed in the Headquarters of Union Security S.p.a. by

Dr. Tomori Mareglen Executive President of IPO and Leader of the IPO Section Italy

and dr. Iovinella Valerio President of Union Security S.p.a.

This official meeting, in addition to the signing of this partnership, had another very important development as Dr. Tomori formally appointed dr. Iovinela as Vice President for Public and Private Security at IPO Section Italy.

The handshake and the appointment of dr. Iovinela in this important post thus crowns a path to success as IPO will have full support to carry out future projects together with Union Security S.p.a

The partnership represents an opportunity for capillary development in Italy,

Europe and internationally with the aim of starting a path of professional growth reserved for our members, experts in this field, and for the young professionals of tomorrow.

We strongly believe in our opportunities for professional development and we are confident that we will spread the deepest values ​​both at the civil level and at the institutional level as Union Security S.p.a has a close partnership with the

Italian Ministry of Defense and other Institutions, also IPO is officially recognized by

NATO as a civilian professional Organization in Security Sector.

Thanks to this Collaboration, Dr. Tomori was officially invited by dr. Iovinela at the institutional event of the signing of the convention agreement between Union Security and the Italian Ministry of Defense, an event which, among other things, opened a green light for future IPO projects.

Union Security, a leading company in the security sector, able to provide various services in both the public, private, residential, and luxury sectors. From day one, it has constantly set itself the goal of maintaining the quality of the services offered to its customers at the highest level. By managing to provide a consistent response to expectations on both an operational and management level every time.

Thanks to this vision, the services offered by the Union have grown over time, thus covering the urgent security needs and walking hand in hand with the rapid development of the support technologies available today.

The services of Union Security are able to satisfy every need of our clients, who want to feel safer and more protected.

The Institute's long experience, the means at its disposal, the professionalism of its specialized staff, is synonymous with efficiency and functionality in every type of service requested and represent the response that customers want to receive for their experiences.

Today Union Security has the most advanced means and technologies to provide modern and advanced services, capable of providing the widest coverage of risks in every field. The security and protection guarantees provided by the Supervisory Institute are also the result of a courageous investment policy in all sectors that navigate the orbit of security.

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