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IPO Section Italy PSD Program

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Last year IPO Section Italy held its first activity in the field of Self Defense by introducing the "PSD" Physical and Social Defense program. An efficient method intertwined between martial arts and Criminology and psychology techniques.

The IPO PSD program was conceived 2 years ago by the

Chief Master Instructor of the IPO Section Italy, Master Alfonso Torregrossa.

The event took place in the premises of the Yamato Gym,

owned by the Meritorious Martial Arts Master Ruggiero Parente,

who welcomed the event and contributed to the development of the PSD program.

PSD is a personal safety, assertiveness and self-defense training program.

It is part of a comprehensive effort to prevent sexual assault and other acts of interpersonal violence and boundary violations.

For many who have experienced family violence, sexual assault, or other trauma,

the experience of being physically and psychologically powerful in the face of a simulated assault is a unique healing experience.

PSD programs teach through simulations of physical and non-physical boundary violations committed by strangers and people we know. Students are coached by one instructor while another instructor portrays the role of aggressor or assailant.

The PSD instructors are sensitive to abuse and related issues.

Today, one year after our last activity before the first lockdown by Covid 19,

we had the honor to welcome in our offices in Milan the Grand Master Ruggiero Parente

to give him the officially welcome on our organization and to honor him with the title of

Chief Master Instructor of IPO.

Even why limited due to the situation created by Coronavirus,

we are developing our PSD program in compliance with current health norms.

Soon we will resume our activities open to all our members and we will also develop professional courses for the certification of IPO instructors so that they are able to implement the PSD program in their sections.

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Muhammad Arif Rana
Muhammad Arif Rana
Apr 23, 2021

Happy Ramadan Mubarak-2021 to dear respected all towards peace/happiness/prosperity/good health all over the world.

We should also take vaccines all over the world to prevent/protect by all of us from COVID-19 towards peace/happiness/prosperity/healthy life styles. Happy Ramadan Kareem-2021.

Respectfully. Date: April 23-2021-Friday.

Muhammad Arif Rana
Muhammad Arif Rana
Apr 23, 2021
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