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IPO Section Italy organized today 28/02/23 a training course with the topic "False documents, how to recognize" which was intended for law enforcement employees and public security services.

Together with the partners, IPA Milano 3.0 and NOC Security we managed to fulfill our objective by inviting to this professional training law enforcement officers from Carabinieri, State Police, Local Police of Milan, and public security officers where the IPO instructors held a very important lecture for law enforcement structures.

In this training course, which was developed under the auspices of the Executive President of IPO HQ and President of IPO Section Italy, the Criminologist Dr. Tomori Mareglen, the Superintendent of the Police of Milan, Expert of the False Documents Office, Instructor of IPO Section Italy Dr. Capsoni Davide and Greco Renato explained very clearly and professionally the details for checking and recognizing false documents such as driving licenses, passports, identity cards, and residence permits.

The verification and recognition of false documents is an important process both in the prevention of the forgery of documents and in the prevention of organized crime at an international level since the production and use of false documents is a criminal offense that violates the security of the country and the community as well as it gives benefits to the people who produce them and to those who use them.

IPO Section Italy has in this year's program a variety of training courses for law enforcement which will help to increase their professional capacity as well as to prevent and reduce crime.

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