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IPO Section Montenegro organized the Fifth National Conference entitled: "FIGHTING JUVENILE CRIMINALITY THROUGH PREVENTIVE ACTION AND SANCTIONING" with a special emphasis on peer violence.

Speakers at the conference, in addition to the host of the President of IPO Montenegro, Master of Security Ivan Pekić, M.Sc., were the head of the cabinet in the Ministry of Public Administration, Milica Pajović, the journalist known as "black chronicles" Svetlana Đokić TV E, director of the NGO Association Parents Kristina Mihailovic, lawyer Andrijana Razić and director of the NGO Sistem Neda Radović, and the moderator of the conference was Tijana Tina Perović, journalist of TV 7.

With the presence of a large number of media, a strong message was sent from the conference that a common approach is needed in order to suppress juvenile crime, that through a well-designed and comprehensive action, repressive and supportive measures for juveniles who exhibit deviant behavior should be improved as soon as possible and preventive measures should be strengthened will encompass the entire community.

A message was also sent that all institutions, organizations and media should get involved in solving the problem of juvenile delinquency, which has taken over in Montenegro.

At the end of the conference, all participants were presented with plaques for their contribution to the suppression of peer violence.

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