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IPO Section Serbia activity 2020

A few days ago, the Institute for the Advancement of Education and Upbringing, which is the official state body of the Republic of Serbia in charge of accreditation of curricula, received a notification that IPO Serbia is allowed to conduct training for teachers and professors in schools.

The training for which the state approval has been received refers to the prevention of peer violence, drug abuse, violence over the Internet as a prevention of the disappearance of children, and the treatment of children in unforeseen situations.

This is just a confirmation of the seriousness of the IPO Serbia approach that should be followed by our other sections and the leaders of those sections.

Also, considering the approval procedure that requires a very precise project and adequate lecturers, we once again remind all leaders of our sections that their probationary period expires on December 31, 2020, after which the IPO High Executive Council will review their work and decide who will continue to be Section Leaders and whom we will thank for the cooperation.

Ilija Zivotic MSc

President Chief Officer

International Police Organization IPO

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