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IPO Section Serbia webinar

IPO Section Serbia held an on-line lecture on the fight against HIGH-TECH crime.

The webinar was led by the founder of the IPO, Ilija Životić PhD, who is also an Assistant Professor in the field of security at a private university.

The webinar was attended by 75 members of the Serbia section as well as several members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

The topic of the lecture was the basic types of crime, with a special emphasis on those types that ordinary citizens are affected by every day.

Terms such as E crime, online fraud, SPAM, FIREWALL, MALWARE, VIRUS are covered.

In addition, case studies of fraud when buying airline tickets, travel arrangements, buying products through fake sites, etc. are presented. With each processed form of HIGH-TECH crime, certain procedures are proposed on how to avoid such situations, but also what to do when you realize that you have become a victim.

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