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Thanks to our involvement in the UN Committee Against Drugs, participation in the work of the UN Commission on Drugs, but above all due to the large number of our activities in the field of drug abuse prevention in Serbia, our organization signed a memorandum of cooperation on the invitation of the Office for the fight against drugs of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The IPO was recognized by the public back in 2019 when we implemented the Drug=Death campaign, with which we wanted to draw attention to the fact that the use of drugs in a large number of cases ends bad. After that, we started with a large number of activities and lectures in the field of prevention. We also accredited a program on the prevention of drug abuse, which gave us the opportunity to be present in schools throughout Serbia. Soon, after about 20 lectures, we received our first invitation to participate in the work of the UN Commission on Drugs.

Our 2nd statement on this topic can be found on the UN website. Since then, IPO representatives regularly participated in the sessions of this very important commission. We didn’t stop , we enabled all our members to attend a large number of online educations in the field of drugs, as well as online consultations and exchange of opinions at the international level. Also, IPO regularly informs the public through its announcements, but also through the numerous media appearances of our members about everything new that is happening in the field of drugs, both in our country and in the world. We are the first NGO to draw attention to snus and the so-called rape drug.

Together with the Office for the Fight Against Drugs, we were the first to recognize the danger of nicotine pouches and joined the initiative to change the law. All in all, we believe that signing this memorandum is a kind of recognition of our activities by state institutions, but also an obligation for further activities on this front.

An agreement was signed by by IPO Founder Profesor Ilija Zivotic PhD and director Pekic.

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