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Saturday, February 05.2022, was held the webinar "Criminal Psychology" which was part of the editions of the professional course "Forensics science and Crime analysis".

The webinar with the topic "Criminal Psychology" was organized by the IPO HQ Education Department based in Belgrade, Serbia in the office of the IPO Founder and Honorary President Ass. Prof.Dr. Ilija Zivotic will be lectured by the Assistant of the IPO Founder President for the education and IPO Coordination Director Mrs. Sanela Nikolic BSc, Police Officer, and Crime Analyst.

In her lecture, Mrs. Nikolic introduced the members to the topic of psychology, but from the point of view of police officers, ie criminal psychology, which studies the intentions, actions, and reactions of criminals and all those who participate in criminal behavior.

The participants of the webinar were introduced to the difference between criminal and forensic psychology, as well as the criminal profiling of perpetrators of criminal acts.

That part was especially interesting to our members, profiling serial killers.

The webinar was attended by 180 members from all our sections around the world, which shows us that our members actively participate in our training, which is why the IPO Education Department was created to educate not only civil society but also to expand security knowledge and the police sector also to exchange experiences of police officers around the world.

Massive participation was also from IPO Section Pakistan staff members, police officers who are now an integral part of our webinars.

In the framework of our program to exchange experiences between professional members, law enforcement, and citizens from the wider community, IPO invites all members who have ideas or experiences that they want to present in the form of a webinar, to contact us and present their material in the email:

The IPO Education Department will review your material and contact you to agree on the date of the webinar

To contribute together, for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow

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