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Representatives of our organization received an invitation from the American University in the United Arab Emirates to hold a full-day lecture for students of the Master's program in the field of security. The lecture was realized in three parts.

In the first part, the students were addressed by the President of the IPO, Ilija Zivotic, who gave a lecture on national security with a power-point presentation, with a review of current topics, primarily the situation in Nagorno Karabakh. A brief overview of the most important moments and international agreements from the agreement known as the Peace of Westphalia to the present day is presented. The lecture also presented the ways in which the international security organizations NATO and the CSTO function.

After that, our friend from the partner organization and Secretary General of the Institute for National and International Security, Darko Obradović, spoke about how to use the so-called the method of soft power to spread the malignant influence of the great powers in certain territories as well as the functioning of the Israeli security system in relation to the specific environment of this country.

The third lecturer was Dr. Siniša Pepić, who gave a lecture on the safety of critical infrastructure with an extremely current case study, which is Lake Gazivode in Kosovo and Metohija.

The lecture itself lasted 7 hours and 35 minutes with the participation of 63 students who all the time used the opportunity to ask the lecturers who are not currently speaking through the company various questions in the field of security. The moderators of this workshop were Prof. Dr. Dusko Tomic, Prof. Dr. Eldar Šaljić and Prof. Dr. Meyer

The best evidence of the impressions is that our lecturers were invited to organize several more workshops and that they received requests for individual students to be reviewers of master's theses before they submit them to the competent commission.

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