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Narcotics use and consequences

Narcotic drugs are psychoactive substances that change the state of consciousness, mood and behavior. Repeated intake of such substances leads to addiction. Drug addiction implies a huge desire to take substances, as well as a physical withdrawal syndrome when use is stopped, while abuse of drugs is use even though there is an awareness of the harmful effects on health.

Drug use changes mental functions, as well as changes in the state of consciousness from hyperactive to slow, depending on the type of drug used. Statistics indicate that most treated addicts start with marijuana, believing that this is a harmless drug. There is no harmless drug. Not only does each of them endanger human health in different ways, but it also destroys the world around him, friends and family. Since, unfortunately, the use of psychoactive substances is increasing every day, thus new types of drugs are appearing every day. However, the basic division of drugs by addiction is into EASY such as marijuana, hashish, LSD and HEAVY such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamine etc.

According to the effect, we divide them into: OPIATES - opiate addicts are characterized by slowness, drowsiness, pale faces, narrow pupils, traces of needle stings DEPRESSANTS - their smaller doses lead to a state and a feeling of relaxation, as well as a weakening of concentration STIMULANTS - which give the addict "energy" and lift the mood and HALUCINOGENIC DRUGS - which cause hallucinations and illusions Drug addiction is a condition of periodic or chronic poisoning caused by repeated use of psychoactive substances. Addicts most often neglect their obligations, school, work, start borrowing, and then steal money to provide drugs.As they need more and more money over time, they start to resell drugs, entering into crime, later committing other criminal acts, in order to get money.

There is always the possibility of stopping taking drugs and curing addicts. This most important role is, of course, played by the family. It often happens that parents are too busy, do not pay attention to the child's changes or simply, upon learning that the child uses drugs, deny this fact and try to hide it, not only from others but also of themselves. Every parent must have time to talk to the child and must notice changes in the child's behavior, and then seek professional help. If the treatment is started on time, with the help of family and experts, it is inevitable that it will lead to healing.

Also, in order to prevent young people from using narcotics, it is necessary to adequately inform them about the harmfulness of drugs, their various types, consequences for life and health, but also about the ways in which they can come into contact with drugs, very often against their will, by pouring opiates into drinks or consuming them in the form of candies and the similiar. It is very important for young people to develop awareness of harmfulness, various types of education, in order to give importance to the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances.

By Sanela Nikolic, Serbia State Police Officer

IPO Headquarters - Special Division

Coordination Inspector

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