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New Partnership IPO & IVIPB

International Police Organization IPO and Internation Vip Bodyguard IVIPB hereby enter into an agreement of cooperation, made as of the 22 November 2020 to establish programs of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to both institutions.

The above-named organization and company agree that upon the commencement date of this partnership, they shall be deemed to have become partners in business.

Some of the purposes, terms, and conditions of this partnership are as follows:

* To promote interest in the training and research activities of the respective institutions.

* To deepen the understanding at each institution and open connections to International network.

* Raise security culture and connect the private sector of security.

* Build business and mobile training for Law Enforcement and security and other Sectors either government or non-governments.

* Implementing some distance learning programs for police and security.

* Bring more members to both Communities and both parties agreed to uses both parties' logos in social media Marketing.

* The reward program for those who bring in new members.

* Build a big Network for both parties in UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East countries ecc.

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