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Today, April 17 in Tirana, the IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen held an important meeting with cyber security experts where he presented the official appointment of Mr. Jaiber Rios Giraldo as Director of the IPO CTIU.

The International Police Organization IPO announced the launch of CTIU - Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit, an initiative designed to support law enforcement, citizens, and critical infrastructure in combatting cyber threats.

The CTIU will provide intelligence analysis and training programs, focusing on building capacity at institutional, corporate, and community level.

The CTIU is a response to the growing threat of cyber attacks and the need for more effective cybersecurity measures. The CTIU will focus on supporting law enforcement and critical infrastructure organizations in accordance with the new NIST 2 EU Cybersecurity Directive and best practices such as NIST FW 2, 27001, and COBIT.

"We are proud to announce the launch of our CTIU- Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit,", said Dr. Tomori. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence & other cybersecurity solutions supporting law enforcement and critical infrastructure organizations in the fight against cyber threats.

We believe that the IPO CTIU - Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit will make a significant contribution to enhancing cybersecurity and protecting against cyber-attacks.

The IPO CTIU will provide real-time intelligence products at the strategic, operational, and tactical level including analysis, and guidance to law enforcement agencies, critical infrastructure organizations, and citizens.

The CTIU will work closely with these organizations and State Institutions to identify potential threats, develop response strategies, and share best practices.

We are confident that the IPO CTIU - Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit will make a real difference in the fight against cyber threats.

Dr. Tomori Mareglen, IPO Executive President

Statement of IPO CTIU Director

As the newly appointed Director of the IPO CTIU - Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit, I submitted to the IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen the first official project proposal focused on an insider "Threat Management Program" that includes all its main elements for development, implementation & monitoring of cyber threats and attacks.

This TMP - "Threat Management Program" has a special focus on Public Administration.

The insider TMP proposed by our Unit would provide a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating insider threats on Public Administration.

This program would help prevent potential security breaches and protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

The CTIU Team highlighted the potential benefits of this program, particularly in light of recent cyber attacks in the Albanian Intitutions from ATP 42 and sub-groups.

These attacks have demonstrated the growing risk posed by insider threats, and the need for effective mitigation strategies.

Implementing the TMP in Public Administration, could significantly reduce the risk of insider threats and protect against cyber attacks.

I did stress the point that from this program would not benefit only the Public Administration but also have wider implications for other government agencies and private sector organizations.

Overall, the meeting was a success, with our Unit members demonstrating their commitment to advancing the IPO's mission of providing cutting- Cyber Threat Intelligence & cybersecurity solutions. The proposed Insider Threat Management Program received positive feedback and is now being considered for further development and implementation.

IPO CTIU - Cyber Threat Intelligence - Director

During this meeting organized by the newly appointed CTIU Director, at the premises of Sinteza Company in Tirana, Albania, was celebrated the official launch of the IPO CTIU including the incorporation of three Cyber Threat Intelligence Practitioners, Mr. Enea Zhupaj, Mr. Nikolaos Lulja, and Mr. Donald Barolli, who also received the membership certificates and the welcome in IPO Section Albania from the representative of IPO Section Italy Ms. Dorina Bala who will coordinate the development of joint work between IPO CTIU, IPO HQ, IPO Section Italy, and IPO Section Albania.

IPO News Room

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