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On August 14/2022 was held a webinar for IPO members with the topic "Introduction to criminal investigation" lectured by Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, police officer, IPO HQ Coordination Director and General Director of IPO LED, Law Enforcement Department.

This webinar was the 4th webinar from the edition of the professional courses "Forensic Science and Crime Analysis".

In this IPO online event was attended by over 130 members from our sections over the world. In this topic, which was very interesting for our members, Mrs. Nikolic introduced criminal investigation, not only from a view of police officer, but also showed examples, where anyone of us can be in a roll of witness for some criminal act.

Criminal investigation is very big field, but in this webinar was presented some main points such as importance of evidence, not only at the crime scene, but also at court. What happens when witness don't want to cooperate , what are types of witness, types of crime scene and what is the procedure from crime scene, over the criminal investigation until to reach to court, all this was content of this webinar.

Education is one of the most important goals of IPO and we are working every day on this goals, bringing professionals into our organization, who are willing to present their knowledge to our members.

By holding these professional webinars, and with the participation of our members, as we announced earlier, each member will have the opportunity to make a test after the last, fifth webinar, which will enable them to receive a professional certificate and membership and to be registered in a certain category in the professional register of Forensic Group in Italy which is our educational partner in the field of Forensics Sciences

We invite all of you, who are interested to learn and educate yourself and also to contribute for a safer future, and working with us, to become our member by applying following form

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