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All our esteem and respect to our Representative of IPO Italy, Roberto Faccani for the activity he has been doing for years as coordinator of the training program, which includes deepening the knowledge of human rights and European law, as head of the Istrid Civil-Military Cooperation Sector (Institute Studies, research, information Defense) and already commander of the local Police and Civil Protection.

The mission that brought him to Somalia on May 24th was very challenging since there is still a high terrorist risk in the country despite the presence of a peace force from the African Union and the European Mission to support the government led by Italy, the Force Commander.

Roberto Faccani has been working in Somalia since 2014 he has carried out, always in the framework of the support projects launched by the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs, and several humanitarian missions; support to hospitals, schools, and orphanages, as well as training projects for firefighters, prison police, and urban police, and 12 foreign operative theaters with the FF. AA ( Go Army )

During the various missions, Roberto Faccani has also contributed to the recovery of the equipment for the new operating room of the Italian hospital De Martino, destroyed by a fire and finally visited the women’s prison in Mogadishu where the Italian contingent built a small internal school and a laboratory of Tailor and for what other projects are in progress.

On Behalf of IPO Headquarters and all IPO Sections worldwide, we thank you Roberto for your great effort and dedication to improving the conditions that people less fortunate than us are forced to go through!

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