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Safety Factors

Security is an everyday part of our lives. One regularly makes decisions on the basis of subjective and objective factors so that he feels safe and does not endanger anything its immediate existence. Although security is not one of the most basic human needs, no The feeling of safety and security also defines the degree of human freedom and the extent to which limited by external factors. It is on the basis of external factors that we distinguish between objective and subjective security. In the case of objective security, we speak of the absence of any risks, which would jeopardize the values of individuals or states, subjectively concerns only a specific actor, in which there is no feeling of fear. specific actor, In which there is no feeling of fear.

From cleaning the safety and survival was the main human mission from the beginning of history. There for even the study of this concept and its content began in antiquity. Ancient Greek historian Thucydides' vo his work mapping the course of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta indirectly drew attention to the problem of security and, in particular, to the fact that the uneven distribution of power that would evoked a state of security, can lead to conflict. However, the importance of security is evident throughout the development of human civilization and every society that has existed throughout history has considered the question of the protection of its territory, population, material and spiritual values. Security is extremely complex and multifaceted phenomenon that involves considerable many areas and dimensions. One of them is international and national security. Term Security has never been clearly defined, so there are many definitions of the term and its content. In general, however, we can say that this is a situation where the actor (whether an individual, State or another actor) does not feel a danger or an imminent threat. Some theorists perceive it as the highest value in the lives of individuals, society and the state. Negative In the sense of the word, security is understood as the non-existence or absence of a threat, in a positive way we can perceive it as the highest goal and at the same time as a process that should be the result of active ones measures in several spheres - political, economic, diplomatic, but mainly military. Internal security we can be defined as "a summary of the internal security conditions, legislative norms and measures by which the state ensures democracy, economic prosperity, the security of citizens, as well as the enforcement of legal and moral standards. The definition can also be applied in international relations, respectively in the application of the same standards and conditions for interstate and global security. Objective of the present actors in international relations is to ensure your safety, so such condition enable the functioning, stability and development of the various actors, while preserving peace and fundamental rights, and freedom of other actors. The melt is the main guarantor of security. It has internal and external sovereignty and through its security forces (police, armed forces) ensures security their citizens. Internal sovereignty allows it to exercise jurisdiction within a state unit, While external sovereignty guarantees him an equal position in the international system relations and that no other state has the right to interfere in its internal affairs.


One of the key tasks of the state is to ensure the safety of its citizens. This task is s changes in the modern world, an integral part of which is permanent deepening, diversification and globalization of risks is becoming more difficult. Discovery or introduction of new technology or product, each innovation upsets the social, technological, economic and political balance. Without defining and defining mutual relations, it is difficult to implement functional analysis of the security environment and address security issues. Synonymous the use of terms that is used mainly in ordinary communication, or in political plane and varies depending on the context in which it is used, may result in the future effect of the "Tower of Babel". Chaotic, isolated and uncoordinated solution of partial problems it is not a starting point, it is insufficient and inefficient. The basis for a successful security solution issues in all its integrity must be programmed theory, methodology and targeted research.

Tibor Szabo

Member of IPO Section Slovakia

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