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Sri Lanka attacks consequences

While the whole world is relieved after the collapse of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, which is reflected in the loss of territory, which amounted to more than 80,000 square kilometers, it must be said openly that the threat of global terrorism is still there. Attack in Sri Lanka are conducted by people who come from a rich family, who have been radicalized during studies in Britain . That must reopens many serious questions. First things first. It was found that one of the brothers bombers studied at the prestigious university in the UK. And then radicalized. Also this is not the first suicide bomber who studied and been radicalized on  the British College. So the theory that the suicide bombers are only poor uneducated people  from some dumb fall into the water. This will make a tremendous job for security services.

Igor Kostyukov Russian GRU Cheif

Now we need agents among the educated  college students what will be a lot more difficult not only because of the level of education a person under surveillance, but also because of the status that have the prestigious universities in the UK. These educational institutions guaranteeing not only the quality of education but also the level of privacy, discretion and that will complicate the job of collecting data through monitoring and other secret measures.

Abdul Latheif Jameel Mohammed lider of Sri Lanka massacre

Also part of the tactics of combating radicalization will have after the collected information to be changed. After a few hours, when the police entered the villa worth several million dollars to do the search, the wife of one of the brothers had used a suicide belt and lifted the house up in the air with her three children and several policemen. All this is a confirmation that the ideology of ISIS unfortunately not defeated. Emphasize the seriousness of the situation is  British MI5 warning issued to religious organization to take measures for protection against attacks like active shooter, suicide bombers and words of Igor Kostyukov director of the Russian service GRU at Moscow Conference about International Security in which he said that ISIS has camps in Latin America.

​Written by Ilija Zivotic

IPO President Ilija Zivotic

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