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The impact of martial arts on children and youth

In general, playing sports is the path to a healthy lifestyle. But what is specific about martial arts and why are they so much needed nowadays. So we are not talking about martial arts here. We are not talking about competitions, contests or any development of the competitive spirit in children. We are aware that playing sports is healthy.

A lot of it is healthy for the body. But when we think about the development of that most important side nowadays, the psyche, we can clearly see certain groups of people surrounded around certain sports. We know that with competitions there is rivalry, poor encouragement of children by parents, or negative forcing where, with all these pressures, the bad side of the trainee develops.

On the one hand, in all these competitive sports, we can see fair play, but also a good part of inappropriate behavior and negative impact on children. How many times have you heard swearing at coaches, referees and the like. First from the parents and then from the children who adopt it all. So, as we can see, sports inevitably bring that one bad side that negatively affects the child's personality.

On the other hand, we have martial arts where the only competition is competition with oneself. Where children learn from the beginning to respect the hierarchy both through rankings in clubs (by belts) among the trainees and according to their coaches, ie Sensei (sensei = teacher). From the first day of training, children learn order and discipline, obedience, loyalty to the club, respect for hierarchy, humanity (because all skills from brutal fighting techniques, humanized and injuries are minimized), healthy friendship without rivalry.

So, when we talk about the benefits of martial arts, we could really write for days. Of course, in addition to the positive influence on the personality, we also have the right side of those skills, and that is the use-value in self-defense.

However, through training with such skills as aikido, aikibudo, karatedo (not sports karate), iaido, kendo, traditional jujutsu, real aikido, etc., children develop their personality so positively that they never get into the situation to use that skill. on the street.

The eastern countries of Japan and China are examples of martial arts creating healthy children, as well as the entire nation.

With them, martial arts are so ingrained in everyday life that this philosophy is so outlined in education and in the business world. For example, in Japan, schools do not have cleaners, because children keep their space clean and tidy as well as their Dojo (dojo = gym). This example of maintaining cleanliness is learned from the first steps through martial arts.

This is just one of many examples of the positive impact of martial arts on raising children. Martial arts develop both body and spirit.

A healthy child means a healthy mature person, and a healthy mature person means a healthy nation.

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