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Victory in Syria is not end of Terrorism

President Ilija Zivotic

After the Kurdish forces captured the last stronghold of the so-called The Islamic State in Syria, a small village Baghuz, media raced  end of terrorism revelations caught primarily on the statement of the President of Trump's victory over terrorism. But the truth is that humanity is not only far from the victory over global terrorism, but also far from the victory over the terrorist organization ISIS. It is true that self-proclaimed caliphate no longer exists in the territorial form of the Middle East, and this is very important because first of all ISIS now has far fewer members, ceased donations of money and equipment, there is no more millions of dollars from oil sales, rackets and robberies. Now we need to pay attention to a few things. First we have official information from security services that more than 40,000 foreigners were in the ranks of terrorists, (UN Secretary General last month expressed the fact that ISIS currently has about 15,000 soldiers, of which 3,000 foreigners, the US command gives a similar number of 15-20 thousand), many were killed, some are in prisons but most have returned to their home countries or with forged papers were in waves of refugees seized the European Union. Many will accept defeat and return to a normal life , if it can be called like that after being terrorist. But it is illusory to say that it applies to all. We should be ready that some will access to other terrorist groups. Some will try to adjust to life in peace, but it will not succeed, then we will have certainly cases similar to the so-called. Vietnam syndrome.

Terrorism of Lone Wolves is something that is reality and what is happening. There are also data on thousands of foreigners who are still somewhere in the Middle East, the so-called pockets, small groups in some villages and backwoods of Syria or Iraq, for that will take a lot of time to clean up because it's a  area  88,000 square kilometers. It is expected that they will be connected to one of the terrorist groups that have been linked to or resulting from the dissolution of ISIS. Without a doubt, Al-Qaeda will take over the most dangerous . I had the opportunity to see reports that speak of ISIS members who have been using the former channels for the purchase of weapons by Palestinian terrorist groups fled to the territory which is why the markedly enhanced effect of Israel. Their groups (ISIS) are present except in Syria and Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and the Philippines Sinai.

But now the most important thing after the victory in Syria, is to defeat the ideology of ISIS. It will be a real fight in which will have to be involved all levels of society, schools, non-governmental organizations, psychologists, media. This must be done if we do not want to have a copy of the caliphate elsewhere, for example in Nigeria where  terrorist organization Al Sabah is really strong,  but also in Europe in part of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the direction of  government in Sarajevo, where we have the appearance of mini caliphate in mind alienated settlements that live under some of their rules not recognizing not legal authority of the Government no religious authority of the Islamic community in Bosnia and of course on the part of Kosovo under the control of Pristina where there is no control over the returnees from the ranks of ISIS.

Article by: President Ilija Zivotic

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